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Pest Control Services

TREATMENT Termites are one of the most destructive pests, that can cause a severe damage to a large extent to your valuable furniture and important documents. The worst thing with the termites is that they work insidiously and damage your valuable assets like furniture, woodworks and paper documents irreversibly. They cause damage to the properties to a great extent and also threat living trees and shrubs. Eliminating termites from home requires special skills because many of the infested points are hidden and difficult to access.


  • The termites are completely killed, unlike other pest control services who only repel them
  • The threat of the re-infestation is reduced to a great extent
  • No infestation for six months guaranteed
  • Enhanced life of furnitures and wood works

  • Get Expert Termite Treatment and Call Us Now

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CONTROLPest Management Services for Your Business

No matter what kind of business you’re in, we have a solution for you . Find out what you can expect from your Anona service.

Prevention is always better than cure. General Pest Control means preventive service to keep your home/office premises free from various pests, insects and rodents.Trained technicians will visit your premises and provide pest control treatment using least toxic chemicals. It is advisable that general pest control treatments are done at least once in 3 months for every home and once every month for commercial/office premises.

This treatment will control all crawling insects such as Cockroaches, Lizards, Spiders, Red Ant, Etc. This is done by spraying of chemicals (Water base) is used on all general places like chambers, staircase, floors, walls, garden wall, garden, tiles, windows corners, Bathroom drainage & corner etc.

We use the latest 3rd generation insecticides to which the insect have still not developed any immunity. Providing spraying treatment to all external premises of building, stilt area, drainages, gulley traps, lift area, Garden area, meter cabin etc. to control Cockroaches, Ants lizards, Spiders, etc.

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