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Anti Termite Treatment

( दीमक कन्ट्रोल ) We refer to the subject above mentioned and are pleased to offer you our comprehensive Post Construction Anti-termite treatment, the brief details are as under:-

CHEMICAL BARRIER AROUND OUTER WALL PERIMETER OF THE BUILDING We shall make holes at every on foot apart and six inches deep and chemical emulsion will injected in these holes to lay down a chemical barrier around the external wall perimeter of the holes will be plugged with white cement matching to the colour of floor & wall which will stop termite entry from outside.

  • 5 Liters pesticide per meter is sprayed along with digging around the boundary walls, Columns and basement foundation.
  • 7-1/2 Liters of pesticide per meter should be sprayed on the soil used for filling in the foundation on both sides. Special care is taken where sewerage pipes are there and pesticide is adequately filled and sprayed.
  • 5 Liters of pesticide per meter is then sprayed on the level before the flooring.

  • In the inside boundary of four walls of the existing houses/apartments. 6.6 mm dia x 75 mm deep holes Are drilled at a distance of about 1 feet and medicine With pressure in the holes, which are sealed with white cement and chemical?
  • About 0.5 Liter of pesticide per miter is then sprayed on the walls.
  • 0.8 mm holes are then drilled beside columns and similar operation is carried out.
  • 6.45 mm bores are drilled on the floor there-after at 2 miter distance and adequate amount of pesticide is filled and bores are sealed with white cement and chemical.
  • On the wall where wooden panels are fixed, holes about 6.5 mm dia are drilled at an angle of 45 degree at the concrete and timber contact line at a distance of about 50-cm. Pesticide are filled and holes are sealed with white cement and chemical.

  • The wood to be used for construction or furniture is immersed in pure solution of Pesticide and kept for about 12 hrs. After it absorbs the pesticide, it is ready for use and is preserved against termites for a long time come.
  • For reserving the foothold, wooden doors and panels, windows and furniture, 6.5 mm holes are drilled at distance of about 30 cm. These are then filled with pesticide at least three consecutive times for wood to properly absorb the chemical and then Sealed with proper putty. Pesticide is applied on the wood either by spraying or with a brush.

  • (A) Chlorophriphos 20% Ec.
  • (B) Premise (Bayer) 30.5% SC
  • (C) Dichlorophos 76% Ec.
  • (D) Paxtoon 30.5% SC.
  • (E) Pyramid 20% Ec.
  • (F) Peribion 30% Ec.
  • (G) Hilban 20% Ec [A Govt. of India Product]
  • (H) Herbal pesticide _______
  • (I) Eldrex 30.5% Sc.
  • (J) L. Drint 20% Ec.
  • (K) Biflex T.C

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