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Pest Control

PEST CONTROL SERVICES We refer to the discussion we had with you regarding the Pest Control Services to be instituted in you premises, the brief details are given below:-

Files, Mosquitos cockroach Rats, Lizards, black & white ants, silver Fish & all other pest

DISINFESTATION TREATMENT The pests covered under this treatment are common species associated with man (Cockroaches, crickets, silverfishes, beg-bugs, lizards, ants & Mosquitoes etc). These are the pests spreading and spoiling foods, fabrics and stationary. They also mechanically transmit pathogenic bacteria including those of diarrhea diseases. They spoil and contaminate the surface on which they crawl. Apart from causing nuisance to mankind these insects play a major role in the transmission of more human diseases than any other arthropods. These species mainly female mosquitoes require blood meal for egg production. Because female mosquitoes feed on blood, diseases causing pathogens (Malaria parasite) can be transmitted from animals to man via vector mosquitoes.

RODENT CONTROL SERVICE Rats and mice are most common pests known for their several destructive activities. They cause damage by their feeding habits running into thousand of million tones food and feedstuffs worldwide, but losses due to contamination by droppings, urine, hair and germs are even higher. Apart from contamination of foods they also destroy costly computers, papers, packing materials, stationary, cables, records, carpets, curtains, furniture & fixtures.

They are associated with more than pathogenic organisms and are responsible for the direct transmission of diseases like Plague. We shall keep slow poison Baits (Coumatetraly % w/w. or Bromadiolone), in the office block only which will be monitored according to the movements of these pest.

This is a slow reacting rodenticides as such Rats are unable to make the connection between poisoning symptoms and bait and therefore the bait shyness doesn’t occur.

It is also not fatal to other animals after accidental single intake unlike single dose acute poison. In the production and stores area we will only use Glue pads. Rodent burrows in the open compound area will be fumigated to kill them in them their holes.

  • Kiothrine from Bayer.
  • Spot kill
  • Roban
  • Viper plus
  • Darbiasban-20E.C
  • D.Thrine
  • Gel Treatment included

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